lvl Forms Damage Speed Armour Rage Regen Nightvision Special
1 Werebat Piercing, low moderate low bad bad perfect none
3 WereBoar Piercing, low moderate moderate bad bad none gouge
5 WereJaguar Piercing, moderate fast low good decent 2x hamstring
7 WereBear Sharp, high moderate high good very good 1x maul
9 WereTiger Sharp, moderate very fast low very good moderate 2x pounce
11 WereCrocodile Blunt, high slow high bad extremely good 1x chomp
13 WereRhinoceros Piercing, very high slow very high moderate bad none trample
15 WereWolf Sharp, Very high very fast moderate extremely good extremely good 3x mutilate
17 WereWarrior Blunt, high/ext high extr fast/slow low very good good none mutilate
19 WereDragon Sharp, extr high moderate extr high moderate good 3x mutilate, breathe


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