Name Quality Owner Area Type Weight Controlled One/Two Requirements Specials Damage Type
Amber staff Amberal Grasslands Staff 7 Unique Two lvl 10 healing, attack Good
Dragon Sabre Sha'dix Drelexor Sword ? Unique One ? trainable
Greater Energy Sword Kobold Chieftain Drupacia Sword 11 Limited Two lvl 15 healing, shield Energy
A Evil Whip The Slave Master Forgotten Mines Whip No One None Entangle attack Blunt
The Bloodluster Zjebbeo Mausoleum Sword Unique One Lvl 15, 10 str & dex Healing sharp
The Energy Sword Kobold Chieftain Drupacia Sword Limited One lvl 15 Healing,Special Attack Energy
Elyssa's Sword Elyssa Shadowland Sword Limited One lvl 10, str 10, dex 10 Sharp
Rod of Vecna Vecna Shadowland Rod Unique One Lvl 14 Heals, attacks Blunt
Sword of Kaz Kaz Shadowland Sword Unique Two lvl 10, str 10, dex 10 Auto-attacks Sharp
The Mysterious Guild Sword Sinco Shadowland Sword Unique One lvl 14 Unique for each guild Sharp
Heartfang Baalzaamon Manetheren Scythe Limited Two 25 str Attack, undropable evil
A black sword with a heron-marked blade Hand of the Dark Manetheren Sword Unique One Attack evil
Sorrow, the grey slayer On the floor Eldarian Scythe Limited two Self-damage poison
Scythe of Victories Kremlry Drupacia Scythe Unique two Attack sharp
The Deciever Death Tyr Scythe Unique two Attack, healing evil
Justice Imrahil Minbaria Lance Unique one Level 14 Attack, healing (M&P), blinding Good
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