There are multiple different fighting styles you can learn as a blademaster. Learning a style will be initiated at Gelard in the training room of the guild.

Guild Level Style Name Subguild Damage Type Description
1 Defense None Sharp + physical defense, + magical defense, - attack rate
2 Low Warder None Sharp + weapon class, + attack rate, + damage special, no defense
2 Fencing None Pierce - weapon class, ++ attack rate, dodge and displacement special
5 Bashing None Blunt + weapon class, + attack rate, + damage special, - defense
5 Juggernaut None Blunt + minor weapon class, - attack rate, + physical defense
12 Gladiator None Sharp + weapon class, ++ attack rate, 2 handed, + minor defense
12 Doublewield None Sharp + minor weapon class, + minor defense, + damage special, guildblade and another sword or dagger
12 Legionnaire None ? ?
14 High Warder Dark Sharp high power, + minor attack rate
14 Aegis True Sharp slow Speed, high power, high protection (Juggernaut on Steriods)
17 Scorpion Dark Pierce high speed, high power, medium protection, style of choice for dark blades
17 Dragon True Sharp slow speed, high power, medium protection
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