Midnight Sun follows the same six stat system used by Dungeons and Dragons and other similar role-playing games. Like those games, different stats apply to your character in different ways. One of the most important things to know about stats in Midnight Sun is that most guilds and even most builds within guilds will completely neglect one or more stats, never raising them higher than their starting 1 point, or only very little above that. This is because the effects of stat points in isolation are often quite small compared to the impact that raising stats which feed into your guild abilities can have. You can see your stats at any time in-game using the 'stats' command.

All of the stats provide some kind of default benefits regardless of guild. They are:

Stat Benefit
Strength Increases Carrying Capacity, Increases Base Weapon Class
Dexterity Increases Defensive Capabilities in Combat
Constitution Increases Total Hit Points
Intelligence Increases Total Spell Points
Wisdom Increases Spell Defense, and Slightly Increases Total Spell Points
Charisma Increases Sell Price/Decreases Buy Price from Shops, and Buying Experience

As you raise your stats, they are shown in the 'score' command as well as the 'stats' command using a descriptor based on how high you've raised the stat. As you can see in the chart below, they improve quickly at low levels and more slowly at high levels. These categories are mostly a throwback to earlier periods of the Mud where your exact stat numbers were not shown, and people will sometimes use them to refer to stat requirements for various pieces of equipment etc, but generally people will refer to the number itself.

Range Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
1 Puny Stiff Sickly Feebleminded Gullible Abhorrent
2 Feeble Clumsy Gaunt Moronic Naive Loathsome
3-4 Very weak Ungainly Skinny Dimwitted Irrational Repulsive
5-6 Weak Uncoordinated Thin Slow-minded Rational Unpleasant
7-8 Slightly muscular Nimble Fit Intelligent Sensible Plain
9-11 Muscular Dextrous Endurant Clever Shrewd Persuasive
12-16 Strong Agile Healthy Bright Wise Gallant
17-24 Brawny Quick Well-built Brilliant Very wise Charismatic
25-39 Powerful Swift Sturdy Genius Enlightened Chevalieric
40-99 Mighty Acrobatic Athletic Supra-genius Will-strong Awe-inspiring
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