Range Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
1 Puny Stiff Sickly Feebleminded Gullible Abhorrent
2 Feeble Clumsy Gaunt Moronic Naive Loathsome
3-4 Very weak Ungainly Skinny Dimwitted Irrational Repulsive
5-6 Weak Uncoordinated Thin Slow-minded Rational Unpleasant
7-8 Slightly muscular Nimble Fit Intelligent Sensible Plain
9-11 Muscular Dextrous Endurant Clever Shrewd Persuasive
12-16 Strong Agile Healthy Bright Wise Gallant
17-24 Brawny Quick Well-built Brilliant Very wise Charismatic
25-39 Powerful Swift Sturdy Genius Enlightened Chevalieric
40-99 Mighty Acrobatic Athletic Supra-genius Will-strong Awe-inspiring
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