Sorcerers of Mystra

This guild is not as old as the druids guild, but its powers are as old as
Midnight-sun. By molding and shaping the weave of essence in Midnight-sun a
sorcerer can invoke various spells and powers.

Sorcerers do not strive for good, neutrality or evil. These are values that
priests and druids may argue about. A sorcerer does instead seek to gain
more influence of the weave of essence. How this is obtained is of no

The magic of Midnight-sun must be preserved and maintained. This is the duty
of a sorcerer.

Mighty magic was invoked when a great tower appeared overnight in the
village of Everlund. This tower of sorcery is the guild of sorcerers and a
point of focus for the weave of essence.

The martial powers of a sorcerer have suffered from the extensive magical
training a sorcerer must endure. Thus it is impossible to use two-handed
weapon and shields while spells are invoked. A helmet will also prevent a
sorcerer from invoking and molding the weave of essence. This is compensated
by the mighty powers a sorcerer can invoke. One exception to this is the
staff which can be used while invoking spells.

Those who seek to preserve magic and gain magical powers have found the
right guild.

May the weave of essence flow strong.

/Yggwilv the mistress of essence and much more.

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