This is the only re-usable direct damage ability which Dark Blademasters
currently possess.

This is a purely physical skill, requiring massive strength to be the most
effective. It involves first skewering your opponent on your blade. If you
are strong enough compared to your opponents strength and constitution, then
you can lift him over your head on your blade and throw him back down. If
you are not strong enough to do that, then you can still lift your opponent
on your blade causing more damage. If, unfortunetly, you are too weak to do
even this, you simply slide your blade out without doing any more damage.

*I==- You charge forward at Bunny and skewer her on your longsword!

*I==- Bunny is annihilated by your skewer on her body.
*I==- You then lift Bunny over your head by your longsword and throw her back down!!
Bunny screams in agony.

*I==- Bunny is painfully cleaved by your lift and throw on her legs.

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