Showmanship domain

Showmanship Skills:

Skill Level command effect
Caper 1 caper Dodging attacks
Sparklers 2 sparklers Deals damage to your opponent. (Blows a firecracker in their face)
Center of Attention 2 ? At the moment too buggy, and out of game.
Suckerpunch 3 suckerpunch Deal a hit to your opponent.
Smooth Talk 4 smoothtalk Makes your opponent stop attacking
Breathe 5 breathe Deals fire damage to your foe. You use one drink and breathe fire on your opponent
Juggle 6 juggle Defensive spell, very dexbased.
Hero 7 hero Make you a hero. Up your attack and defence versus evil mobs.
Villian 7 villian Same as hero, but used against good mobs.
Confuse 8 confuse prevents your opponent from attacking
Dance of the Seasons 9 dance Dodging attacks.
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