Riposte Help File Description

This skill is akin to the styles that blademasters may use. The general idea
of riposting is to use the lowering of defences that occurs when an opponent
misses you to get an extra attack in.

This skill can only be used while in combat, and only on one foe at a time.
After paying your concentration requirements, you will riposte your
opponents failed attacks for the next few rounds if you are of high enough
guild level. What determines whether you counterattack or not is where your
opponenent's miss was aimed at. As you progress up the guild levels, you
gain experience and are therefor then able to counterattack from more
locations. After guild level 14, a blademaster can counterattack failed
attacks against any general location.

These counter-attacks will not result in any special effect if any other
abilities or skills are currently in use. They are not part of normal
combat, so any specials attacks will not occur.

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