Priests of Lathander

This is the second guild that saw the light under the ever-shining sun of our beautiful and challenging realm. Certain men, and women,
noticed that the power of evil was increasing, thus was spawned the first seed of the brotherhood of Lathander. For it is said in the holy
book of Lathander, that to strive for good is what keeps mankind separated from the beasts.

One beautiful morning, Lathander (who is also called the Morninglord) appeared before a man who had committed himself to battle evil.
Lathander spoke to the man, and invested upon him the powers of the Morninglord, thus awoke the first priest of Lathander.

Lathander also set certain rules regarding his worshipers, these rules were (and still are); A priest of Lathander must always strive for
good. His prime requisite shall be wisdom. Wisdom to choose his ways wisely, aid the needy, and slay those that oppose goodness. A
worthy priest will be granted more powers than a priest that has strayed from the true path of his faith.

The first priest of Lathander quickly gained followers. These followers saw the righteousness of the ways of Lathander. They too became
priests under the watchful eyes of Lathander. Quickly increased the numbers of the Lathanderites, and so the power of evil diminished,
and the power of good was greatly increased.

The first priests saw fit to invest a temple, dedicated to their beliefs. This temple arose in Everlund, and has grown both in beauty and
power, ever since. This temple is still located in Everlund, and is the center of the priests of Lathander. It is known to the priests, that
certain priests were tempted by evil, and that these priests so greatly affronted Lathander, that they were instantly banished from the guild.

However, Lathander is a benign deity, and has granted access again to those priests that were banished, but that has changed their ways
towards goodness once again. When a priest of Lathander strays from his chosen path, he will notice this by not being granted certain spells
from Lathander.

Today, the power of evil has once more grown. Therefore the priests of Lathander is striving to increase their power by accepting new members to
their guild. If you feel that evil should always be struck down, then this is the guild for you. I welcome you.

/Yuric the High Morninglord of Lathander.

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