Testing the following plates:

Name Owner weight
A Shining Knight's Armour ?
Platemail of Many Shades Dragonne ?
A burnished steel platemail 6
A magical plate armour 9
A mithril platemail 13
A gold platemail 19
Pitris' scalemail Pitris 4
Golden Crystalline Plate Rand 8
Emerald plate Tubbo 5
A golden platemail 8
A full platemail of a paladin 8
Elyssa's warrior platemail Elyssa 8
Kaz's Mystical Plate Mail Kaz 11
Solid Platemail Valor warrior 10
Blackened Platemail Trolloc 6
Silver chainmail Paladin 8
A Platemail forged with blood 8
A shining plate armour, marbled with gold Xavier 9
Reptile's plate armour 10
A Well Made Suit of Armour 7
The Blood Red Armour of Malar 6
An almost unpiercable plate armour 13
A Thick Iron Plate 8
A Black as Night Plate 11
Karinian Plate 6
Thunder Trax 6
Shadow armour 12
Obsidian platemail with golden runes 10
Forest green platemail 7
Black Diamond Plate Lan 6
Wolfhide Plate 8
A steel platemail 8
The Slave Master's plate 6
Golden Platemail 10
Astroth's Platemail Astroth 9
An armacian platemail 8
Khisanth's Fullplate armour 10
Ornamented platemail 11
Bhaal's enchanted plate 11
Hell Plate 8
Platemail of the snakes Medusa 4











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