Music domain

Music Skills:

Skill level command effect requirements
Blessing 1 blessing torm raises your strength (10 stats)
blessing silvanus raises your wisdom
blessing mystra raises your intelligence
blessing gaia raises your constitution (level dependant, don't work at lvl 15)
blessing crom raises your dexterity lvl 12
Midas 2 midas converts all items in the room into gold (you get about 40% of the value in the shop)
A Poets Possibility 3 poets Combat spell with variating effects.
Cloak of Music 4 musiccloak creates a cloak of music around you
Making of a Hero 5 makinghero <target> Stat boost (con, str and int at least). Some defensive and offensive boost. Works only on good alignment players.
Making of a Villian 5 makingvillian <target> Can be cast on evil foes to weaken them.
Wail 6 wail does damage to all the monsters in the room
Illusion 7 illusion creates illusionairy creatures who will fight with you
Timeshift 8 timeshift makes you attack more times per round and stuns your opponent
Song of the Sober 9 sobersong sobers your partymembers

Some experiences:
making hero (26, 1,25,30,1,42)
int raise: +5, +12
con raise:+4, +4

Music skills messages

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