Mushclient is a free mudclient which has some followers. It has an easy to use but very powerfull scripting functionality. There is a detailed description of how to use scripts with mushclient.

If you are interested, there also are multiple ready-made plugins available for download here specifically meant to be used with Midnight Sun II. They will have a full description and explanation how they work. After they are recoded (again) we will make them available for download here.

Title Intended use Version downloadlink
MSII_Bards Bards 0.5 not yet available
MSII_Blademasters Blademasters 0.8 not yet available
MSII_Combat Combat 0.9 not yet available
MSII_Monsters Monsters 0.2 not yet available
MSII_Speedwalks Speedwalks 1.4 not yet available
MSII_Weapons Special attacks 0.5 not yet available
MSII_Report Reporting 0.3 not yet available
MSII_Inventory Inventory 0.5 not yet available
MSII_Score Score 0.7 not yet available
MSII_Buying&Selling Buying and Selling 0.7 not yet available
MS Suite
Name Intention State
Plugin Manager General manager of the suite, loading and reloading plugins In development

Also there is a how to create a plugin for mushclient page on this wiki where you can find out how to create your own plugins.

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