Weapons plugin

This plugin is meant to contain triggers for all weapons, it will detect the special effects of these weapons and display them.

All the weapon_triggers will follow the same naming convention, these will be used to separate different situations:

trigger_name = weapon_Amber+Staff!damage_v1_1

build up out of different sections:
The first separation should be on the '!' it will give you one side the weapon identifier and on the other side the effect. The next separator is '_'. On the left site this will give you the indicator what item this is (weapon, armour, etc) and the name of the weapon with '+' for spaces. On the right side you have an indicator of what effect it is on the left (healhp, healmp, damage, etc). If the effect is a heal effect it will be reported immediately, if it is a damage effect it will be separated again on '_'. This will give you in the middle the version of the damage which indicates how the wildcards of the trigger should be interpreted. Version 1 will give you the opponent in the first wildcard and the damage in the second. Version 2 is the other way around.

The picture below shows how I designed this, and illustrates the definition of trigger names and why they should follow a strict naming convention. Also it gives the VBscript code to be able to do the separations.

The damage trigger will give two wildcards,

Version wildcard(1) wildcard(2)
v1 <opponent> damage
v2 damage <opponent>
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