Monks stat guide
Stat Use in guild Comment
Str Important for carry capacity. Add to Fist powerlevel. You want to carry quite a load as monk. I would suggest to aim for 20-30 for Body and double for Fist
Dex Main Body stat. Adds to powerlevel. The more dex, the more power. Rumours about the power of extremely high dex monks says that this stat really kick in after 60-70 raises..
Int Adds mental Adds 2 slots per stat
Con Increase physical. Your "life insurance".
Wis Main Mind stat Increases mental bar 1 slot and power
Cha No benefit to guild, except trainer Monks are quite demanding in stats, and most monks tend to raise non-cha. Those who raise it tend to stay at the "one raise a level". The one caveat to not having any cha is that 130K is required to train each of five skills to the maximum level which is very helpful in being a deadly monk. 650K of extra coin is difficult with no cha.

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