Monks of Crom

The monks of Crom is a guild built around punches and kicks. These punches and especially kicks are said to cause some of the highest damage in the game. Monks don't have any sub-guild, and no guild levels. You can however train five basic skills, at a cost. One or two new monk skill (usually a punch or kick) will be gained for each new level. The various attacks can be stringed together in a combo.

Monks companion is an eagle, which at level 15 in addition to carry stuff for you, can fight beside you. Monks also got some other special tricks up their sleeve, among them the ability to stun their enemy, make them loose their guard, or pray to Crom together for a even higher combat effectiveness. Back in the monastery monks can heal, meditate and take shower. (See monastery page for description of these goods).

The true monk fights on the good side, and will loose some of their abilities if their alignment swagger over to the evil side. Monk titles are a bit of a special case..

If you wonder what to raise, or what the "stay in battle" vs. "power" raising philosophies are, visit the Monks stat guide.

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