Monk Skill
Skill Level Comment
Fistpunch 1 Basic punch. Your first damage spell.
Brownwing 1 Summon a brow winged eagle. Can't do anything else than eat corpses.
Nightvision 2 The ability to see in darkness. Can at higher levels cut through 3x darkness.
Forcefield 3 A protective layer. Increased effectiveness with higher levels.
Backhand 4
Greywing 4 Can in addition to eat corpses carry stuff for you. Higher carrying capacity than whitewing
Focus 5 Concentration stance. Most monk players has found all stances useless. Someone beg to differ?
Frontkick 6 Good ole frontkick attack.
Openhand 7
Sidekick 10 In addition to fistpunch, one of the most used low level attacks. The basis for some good combos.
Backkick 11 Kick the opponent not in focus when fighting multiple enemies.
Lowkick 12 Useful to get your opponent to stagger.
Stun 12 Stun your opponent.
Uppercut 13 Punch with good stun ratio.
Spinkick 14 Very useful when dealing with multiple opponents.
Sanhe 15 Balance stance.
Whitewing 15 Eagle that can carry stuff for you, and in addition fight alongside you. Mainly as "punching bag", but also deal some damage.
Airkick 16 The "legendary" monks damage dealer.
Tornadokick 17 Do a lot of damage spread over multiple rounds. Cannot be used in combos
Enlighten 17 Turn your opponent against himself.
Doublekick 18 Probably one of the least used monk attacks?
Kongjin 19 Stance of power projection.
Bane 19 Go berserk on your opponent. Not that great anymore..

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