Facility Location Usage
Aerie 3 u Eagle nests. Where you can trade hurt eagles for new ones.
Archives 1d, 1e Edit on help files.
Armoury 1d Equipment storage.
Board room Transfer point Discussion and news about War Monks. Transfer point (Get you transfered to square of trading).
Dark mirror 1u Purge yourself of evil, by fighting your dark side.
Dojos 1n Train your skills. Get better at a cost..
Emote room 1d, 1w Edit/add guildemotes.
Garden out Rest and Meditate. Rest restore (almost) all physical, meditate restore (almost) all mental. Can be done every <?>.
Hall of Fame 1nw Monks top lists.
Library 1 ne Read up on quests. Questbook.
Pagoda out, s, pagoda A place for wisdom. Read tablets for a typical eastern word of wisdom.
Praying room 2w Gather with fellow monks and pray. Power boost.
Showers 1 sw Revive your body with cool water. Takes away some intoxication. Can only be used every <?>.
Teahouse out, s, teahouse Sip on a cup of tea. No healing, only theme..

All directions is from transfer point.

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