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The origin of the lycanthropes is unknown to men but rumour has it that lycanthropy originates from a single man who searched the dark boundaries of
life and death and caught the disease. Before he could control the disease, he infected many men and women and so the lycanthropy was spread. Now
lycanthropes can't infect other nonlycanthropes but there are other ways to get the disease.

Lycanthropy is a strange disease both demanding and rewarding. Those who master the powers given by this disease and able to control the half beast,
half human form of life will surely be rewarded but for those who fail the torment of the disease will be long and painful.

Lycanthropes have no demands on alignment, good or evil makes no difference, but most of them are, or strive towards evil, searching for power in the
dark borders of life. Lycanthropes' prime requisites are bodily strength for their powerful beast attack powers and they also need a strong constitution for
controlling their dark disease. The lycanthropes have their dark hall in the back alleys of Barovia where they lure unwary travellers into their nightly
parties, and from which no one but lycanthropes live to tell the tale.

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