The Guild Swords

The blademasters are given a scabbard and rattan blade when they enter the guild. Every two guild levels. between level 1 and 19; you can pick up a new blade at Tayber. The blade power increases as you receive different guild blades, while progressing through the guild ranks.

Guild Level Blade Name
1 Rattan Sword
3 Training Sword
5 Practice Sword
7 Steel Blade
9 Adamantite Blade
11 Crystalline Blade
13 Mithril Blade
Guild Level Subguild
True Blademasters Dark Blademasters
15 Ethereal Blade Crimson Blade
17 Emerald Blade Darkblade
19 Sapphire Blade Shadowsteel Blade
20 Soul Blade Warp Blade
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