Gmud is a simple shareware mud client program developed by Daniel L Kelly.

Overview of Features

  • Separate input and output windows, avoiding the most annoying aspect of using telnet, in which the incoming text is interspersed with what you type.
  • Multiple hosts in different windows active simultaneously, allowing you to lurk on several hosts at the same time.
  • Easy to use, remembers MUD names, host addresses, ports, and optionally passwords, and other logon text.
  • Scroll back buffer, eliminating the need for page pausing on the mud server side.
  • Advanced Triggers that support sound events, allowing you to wait for your favorite person to log on, and be notified by sound, eliminating the need to watch over the computer screen.
  • Macros, and a dockable/floating macro bar.
  • ANSI color support. (not vt100 or ANSI cursor positioning).
  • Multiple Macro / Trigger / Alias sets for using multiple MUDs / logins.
  • Active hosts window, which allows you to see which hosts you are connected to, and which have new activity since you last viewed that window. You may also switch between them by clicking on the hosts.
  • Fully asynchronous sockets programming model, not locking up your computer while waiting for a network event to occur.
  • User selectable fonts. ( Courier or other non-proportional fonts only to allow for proper positioning of on-line ASCII art.)
  • Several word wrapping options including 80 columns / window size, and character or word wrapping.
  • Floating / dockable toolbar allowing easy access to common commands.
  • Win32 programming model for added robustness.
  • User selectable colors foreground / background.
  • Pause. Pauses text display.
  • Log Files - Allows all text to be written to a file.
  • Copy from Output window. Select text with left mouse button, release left mouse button to copy to clipboard.
  • Paste File Option. Sends a text file out to the MUD.
  • Aliases - Allowing you to create your own commands / shortcuts.
  • Command Stacking- execute multiple commands at one time.
  • Speed Walking - A popular feature that allows you to get from point a to point b quickly.

(C) 1995 Genewic, and Daniel Lee Kelly II

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