~ command <no text> <target> <text> <target> <text>
accuse You accuse Rangifer. You accuse Rangifer of test.
ack You ack. You ack at Rangifer. You ack test.
admire You admire the view. You admire Rangifer with wonder in your eyes.
adore "You think that Rangifer is SO adorable, you don't want to share him!"
afk You are away from your keyboard. You are away from your keyboard for rangifer.
agit You rock hard on your air guitar!
agree You agree. You agree with Rangifer. You agree test.
ahh You nod with understanding and say: 'Ahh…'. You nod at Rangifer with understanding and say: 'Ahh…'. You nod with understanding about test and say: 'Ahh…'. You nod at Rangifer with understanding about text and say: 'Ahh…'.
amaze You are amazed at the idea. You are amazed by Rangifer. You are amazed test.
apologize You apologize. You apologize to Rangifer. You apologize test. You apologize test to Rangifer.
applaud You applaud. You applaud Rangifer's performance. You applaud test.
argh You make a funny expression and let out a guttaral sound: Arrrrghhh!!!
aww You go 'Aww!' You go 'Aww!' at Rangifer. So cute. You go 'Aww!' test.
back You found your way back to the keyboard and are ready to get spammed again.
bah You bah. You bah at Rangifer. You bah test.
bang You bang your head against the wall. You bang Rangifer's head against the wall.
bark You bark. You bark at Rangifer. You bark test. You bark test at Rangifer.
base You exclaim: "All your base are belong to us!".
bb You are back. You are back rangifer. You are back test.
be You are ! You are rangifer. You are test.
beam You beam brightly! You beam brightly at Rangifer! You beam test!
bearhug You give Rangifer a bearhug.
beckon You beckon. You beckon Rangifer to follow you. You beckon test.
beep You look around for someone to beep on the nose. You beep Rangifer triumphantly on the nose! You look around for someone to beep test on the nose. You beep Rangifer test on the nose!
beerpad You idly play with a beerpad. You flip away the beerpad in a nice path towards Rangifer. You test play with a beerpad. You flip away the beerpad test towards Rangifer.
beg You beg. You beg Rangifer. You beg test.
belch You belch loudly.
bellydance You do a sensual bellydance to your audience! You do a sensual bellydance for Rangifer! You do test bellydance to your audience! You do test bellydance for Rangifer!
bite You clap your jaws in a biting motion. You bite Rangifer. You bite test. You bite Rangifer on his test.
blah "You go, BLAAAAH!" "You go, BLAAAAH at Rangifer!"
blame You desperately look for someone to blame. You blame it all on Rangifer.
blink You blink. You blink at Rangifer. You blink test.
blowlick You blow a flying lick at Rangifer.
blush You blush. You blush at Rangifer. You blush test.
boggle You boggle at the concept. You boggle at Rangifer.
bonk You bonk Rangifer repeatedly on the head.
boo You scream BOO and look around to see if it had any effect. You sneak up behind Rangifer and scream BOO!
bop You bop Rangifer over the head.
bounce You bounce around. You bounce around Rangifer. You bounce test.
bow You bow to your audience. You bow to Rangifer.
bpockets "You sneak your hands into the back pockets of Rangifer's leggings, pull him very close and give him a deep, lingering kiss."
brb You will be right back.
brow You raise your eyebrow. You raise your eyebrow at Rangifer.
brt You will be right there.
bulb A light bulb appears over your head.
burp You burp.
bury "You bury your face in Rangifer's neck, nuzzling him softly and sliding your arms around him. You wiggle up against him warmly and settle comfortably against him, sighing contentedly."
bye You wave and say: Goodbye. You wave at Rangifer and say: Goodbye.
cackle You throw your head back and cackle gleefully. You throw your head back and cackle at Rangifer. You throw your head back and cackle test.
cane You wave your cane in the air! You wave your cane angrily at Rangifer!
caress You caress Rangifer.
cat You suddenly say: cat.
cheekkiss You kiss Rangifer on the cheek.
cheer You cheer. You cheer at Rangifer. You cheer test.
chicken you call Rangifer's a test chicken and start clucking like a chicken!
chirp You chirp. You chirp at Rangifer. You chirp test. You chirp test at Rangifer.
choco You hand Rangifer a delicious chocolate. You hand Rangifer a delicious test chocolate.
chortle You chortle. You chortle at Rangifer. You chortle test.
chuckle You chuckle. You chuckle at Rangifer. You chuckle test.
clap You clap. You clap at Rangifer. You clap test.
click You click.
comfort You comfort Rangifer.
concentrate You concentrate. You concentrate rangifer. You concentrate test.
confess "You bite your lip and swallow your pride, there is something you need to say…" "You would like to confess to Rangifer how deeply you adore him, how badly you miss him when he is not close, how your soul cries in grief and a part of you dies each time you see him leave, how beautiful the stars shine when you think about him, how the world seems to brighten each time he enters the room, how complete he makes you feel by just being by your side, how his smile makes you feel like the happiest in the world, how fast your heart is pounding every time you hear his name and finally how much you need him with every fiber of your being: in short 'You love him!'." You bow your head and speak the words of Truth: test. confess rangifer test
congratulate You congratulate Rangifer.
coolkids You look around for some cool kids to hang out with. You ask Rangifer if you can sit with him at the cool kids' table.
cough You cough noisily. You cough noisily at Rangifer. You cough test. You cough test at Rangifer.
cower You cower in fear. You cower in fear at the sight of Rangifer.
cram You cram a large ham into Rangifer's gaping jaw. You cram test into Rangifer's gaping jaw.
cringe You cringe. You cringe at Rangifer. You cringe test.
cross You cross your fingers.
cry You burst into tears. You cry on Rangifer's shoulder.
cuddle You cuddle up to Rangifer.
curtsey You curtsey gracefully. You curtsey to Rangifer.
dance "Feels silly, doesn't it?" You sweep Rangifer across the dance floor.
daydream You dream of better days.
dbeg "You fall down onto your knees, uttering a long prayer to nearest deity." "You fall down onto your knees, uttering a long prayer to Rangifer, hoping he will answer your prayers." You fall down onto your knees, uttering a long prayer to Rangifer, begging him for test.
desk You smack your head on the desk repeatedly out of frustration! Owweee…
dip You dip Rangifer gently and give him a kiss.
disagree You disagree. You disagree with Rangifer.
doh You doh. You doh at Rangifer. You doh test.
drool You drool. You drool all over Rangifer. You drool test.
duck You duck. You duck to hide from Rangifer.
duh You duh. You duh at Rangifer. You duh test.
eep You eep. You eep at Rangifer. You eep test. You eep test at Rangifer.
embrace You have noone to embrace. You lovingly embrace Rangifer.
envy You turn green with envy.
err You go 'errrrr!!'.
eye You blink your eyes. You eye Rangifer warily.
eyebrow You raise your eyebrow. You raise your eyebrow at Rangifer.
faint You faint. You faint at Rangifer. You faint test.
fart "You fart loudly! ""phew, that's a stinker""." "You fart loudly at Rangifer's direction he turns all yellow and green!"
fear You look around with fear in your eyes. You fear Rangifer.
fishslap You slap Rangifer across the face with a frozen haddock!
fistshake You shake your fist angrily in the air. You shake your fist angrily at Rangifer. You nod test.
five Your left hand highfives your right hand. You and Rangifer highfive. Way to go!
flex You flex your muscles. You flex Rangifer's muscles lovingly.
flip You flip head over heels.
flutter You flutter your eyelashes. You flutter your eyelashes at Rangifer.
focus Focus what stat?
fondle You fondle Rangifer.
forgive You forgive Rangifer.
french You give Rangifer a REAL kiss… it lasts a long time..
frown You frown. You frown at Rangifer. You frown test.
frustr You eat your keyboard out of frustration.
fshuffle You shuffle your feet shyly.
ftickle You take two goose feathers from your pockets and look around for someone to tickle. You take two goose feathers from your pocket and use them to tickle Rangifer mercilessly.
fume You fume. You fume at Rangifer. You fume test.
gag You gag.
gah You gah. You gah at Rangifer. You gah test.
gasp You gasp. You gasp at Rangifer. You gasp test.
giggle You giggle. You giggle at Rangifer. You giggle test. You giggle test at Rangifer.
glare You glare. You glare at Rangifer. You glare test.
gloat You gloat. You gloat at Rangifer. You gloat test.
greet You greet everyone. You greet Rangifer.
grimace You grimace. You grimace at Rangifer. You grimace test.
grin You grin. You grin at Rangifer. You grin test.
grind You grind your teeth.
groan You groan. You groan at Rangifer. You groan test.
grope You grope Rangifer. You grope Rangifer test.
grovel You grovel to Rangifer.
growl You growl. You growl at Rangifer. You growl test.
grumble You grumble. You grumble at Rangifer. You grumble test.
grump You grump. You grump at Rangifer. You grump test.
grunt You grunt. You grunt at Rangifer. You grunt test at Rangifer.
gtg You are good to go.
gulp You gulp. You gulp at Rangifer. You gulp test.
hair "You pull your hair, jump up and down and scream furiously!"
handkiss You gently kiss the hand of Rangifer.
handshake You throw your hands up in the air. You shake hands with Rangifer.
have You have it all! You have rangifer. You have test.
hawk You clear your throat.
headbang You bang your head showing your metal nature.
headshake You shake your head. You shake your head at Rangifer. You shake your head test.
heh "You go, 'Heh heh heh'." "You go, 'Heh heh heh', at Rangifer."
hiccup You hiccup.
hide You hide in the corner. You hide behind Rangifer. You hide test.
hiss You hiss! You hiss at Rangifer! You test hiss! You test hiss at Rangifer!
hmm You hmm. You hmm at Rangifer. You hmm test.
hmmph You hmmph. You hmmph at Rangifer. You hmmph test.
hold You tenderly hold Rangifer.
holdhands You hold hands with Rangifer.
hoot You hoot like an owl! You hoot like an owl at Rangifer!
hop You hop around. You hop around Rangifer. You hop around test.
hot "You think Rangifer is so hot, you can't stop staring."
hug Hug what? You hug Rangifer.
huggle You huggle Rangifer.
huh "With a big smile on your face, you go 'Huh-huh'." "With a big smile on your face, you go 'Huh-huh' at Rangifer." You 'Huh-huh' test.
if "You are in form atm, leave a message after the beep. BEEP."
ignore You ignore the world. You ignore Rangifer.
innocent You try to look innocent. You try to look at Rangifer with innocent eyes.
johndeere You take a second and dream about the biggest and badest John Deere Tractor!
joytear You feel so happy you could die right now. You are incredibly happy to see Rangifer.
jump You jump for joy. You jump around Rangifer in sheer excitement!
kcaress You caress Rangifer's hair and kiss his forehead.
kick You kick Rangifer.
kiss You make a kissing motion with your lips and wink suggestively at everyone. You kiss Rangifer. You kiss Rangifer test.
kneel You kneel down humbly on the floor. You kneel humbly before Rangifer. You kneel test on the floor. You kneel test before Rangifer.
know You know. You know Rangifer. You know test. You know test about Rangifer.
knuckles You crack your knuckles. You touch knuckles with Rangifer.
ktackle You tackle Rangifer to the ground and cover him with kisses.
kwrap You wrap your arms around Rangifer and start kissing him all over!
laf You laf. You laf at Rangifer.
lag You lag.
laugh You laugh. You laugh at Rangifer. You laugh test.
legendscoff You fart in the face of legend spammers all over the mud.
lgaze "You gaze lovingly at Rangifer, staring him deep in the eyes."
lick You stick your tongue out in a licking motion. You lick Rangifer. You lick test. You lick Rangifer test.
listen You listen carefully. You listen carefully to what Rangifer has to say.
llick "You lick your lips, leaving them slightly moist."
lol You laugh out loud. You laugh out loud at Rangifer.
love You whisper sweet words of love to Rangifer.
lscratch You reach over and start scratching Rangifer's back lovingly.
massage You give Rangifer a long and tender massage.
melt You melt into Rangifer's arms.
meow Zaphod meowwws. You meow at Rangifer.
mischan You mischannel like a pro!
moan You moan. You moan at Rangifer. You moan test.
moo You moo. You moo at Rangifer. You moo test.
moonwalk You make a clawing gesture at the moon and do a moonwalk! You make a clawing gesture at the moon and do a moonwalk for Rangifer! You make a clawing gesture at the moon and do a test moonwalk! You make a clawing gesture at the moon and do a test moonwalk for Rangifer!
mumble You mumble. You mumble at Rangifer. You mumble test.
mummy "You are suddenly struck by total panic and scream: MUMMY!!!""."
mutter You mutter. You mutter at Rangifer. You mutter test.
neck You lean close and bite Rangifer's neck lustily. You squint test.
nibble You nibble on Rangifer's ear. You nibble Rangifer test.
nod You nod. You nod at Rangifer.
nodnod You nod twice rapidly. You nod twice rapidly at Rangifer. You nod twice rapidly test.
nog You nog. You nog at Rangifer. You nog test. You nog test at Rangifer.
noogie You give Rangifer a noogie.
nosebleed You bleed from the nose.
np You say: No problem. "You say, ""No problem!"" to Rangifer."
nudge You nudge Rangifer.
nuzzle You nuzzle Rangifer closely.
obsess You obsess over the situation. You might be a little crazy.
oink You oink. You oink at Rangifer.
ok You say: Okay. You say to Rangifer: Okay.
omg You go OMG!!! "You go, Rangifer, OMG!!!"
omw You are on your way! You are on your way to Rangifer! You are on your way to test!
oof You oof. You oof at Rangifer. You oof test.
oops You blush hotly and say in a very small voice: Oops… You go: Oops! at Rangifer.
pace You pace the room. You pace annoyingly around Rangifer.
panic You panic and scream. You panic at the sight of Rangifer.
pat You pat Rangifer. You pat Rangifer test.
peer You peer around suspiciously. You peer at Rangifer. You peer at Rangifer test.
pet You pet Rangifer.
pfft You make a weird facial expression and go: Pfft! You make a weird facial expression at Rangifer and go: Pfft!
pie You throw a pie but fail to hit a target. You throw a pie against Rangifer's face. You throw a test pie against Rangifer's face.
pinch You pinch Rangifer to see if he is awake!
pocketlick "You sneak yours hands into Rangifer's pockets and draw him close for a long, passionate lick."
point You point. You point at Rangifer. You point test.
poke You poke around. You poke Rangifer in his ribs. You poke test. You poke Rangifer test.
ponder You ponder the situation. You ponder Rangifer's existence. You ponder test.
pop You pull Rangifer's bra straps! POP! Oweee.
pose You strike a pose. You strike a pose at Rangifer.
pout You pout. You pout at Rangifer.
pouty "You make your lips lucious, pouty like." "You pout your lucious lips at Rangifer, he almost faints!"
prod "You prod around with your index finger, looking rather silly." You prod Rangifer on his chest with your index finger. Rangifer nearly topples over.
puke You puke on your shoes. You puke on Rangifer.
pummel You pummel Rangifer.
punch You punch Rangifer. You punch Rangifer test.
punt You punt Rangifer.
purr You purr contentedly. You purr contentedly at Rangifer.
puzzle You look puzzled. You give Rangifer a puzzled look.
quack You quack. You quack at Rangifer. You quack test. You quack test at Rangifer.
raise Raise what stat?
recoil You recoil in fear.
relief You breathe a sigh of relief.
retch You retch. You retch at Rangifer. You retch test.
rofl You roll on the floor laughing. You roll on the floor laughing about Rangifer.
roll You roll your eyes. You roll your eyes at Rangifer.
rub You rub your hands eagerly in anticipation.
ruffle You ruffle your hair. You ruffle Rangifer's hair playfully.
salute You salute the room. You salute Rangifer.
schair You summon a massaging chair and lean back comfortably like Eddy. Ahh. That's nice.
scold You scold Rangifer.
scowl You scowl.
scratch You scratch your head. You scratch your head at Rangifer.
scream You scream. You scream at Rangifer. You scream test.
sdance You do a sexy little dance for the entire room! You do a sexy little dance for Rangifer!
shame You hang your head in shame. You hang your head in shame at Rangifer. You are ashamed about test.
shh You ask for silence in the room. You ask Rangifer for silence.
shiver You shiver. You shiver at Rangifer. You shiver test. You shiver test at Rangifer.
shoulders You brush some dirt off your shoulders like a true pimp. You strut like a pimp and brush some dirt off Rangifer's shoulders.
shrug You shrug. You shrug at Rangifer. You shrug test.
shudder You shudder. You shudder at Rangifer. You shudder test.
shuffle You shyly shuffle your feet. You shuffle your feet shyly at Rangifer.
shush You go: Shush! You go: Shush! at Rangifer.
sigh You sigh. You sigh at Rangifer. You sigh test.
sing You sing. You sing to Rangifer. You sing test.
sit You sit down. You sit on Rangifer. You sit test.
slap You slap Rangifer.
slice You make a slicing motion at your throat with your finger! You make a slicing motion at your throat while looking at Rangifer!
slobber You slobber all around. You slobber all over Rangifer. You slobber test. You slobber test Rangifer.
smack You smack yourself in the forehead. You smack Rangifer upside the head.
smile You smile. You smile at Rangifer. You smile test. You smile test at Rangifer.
smirk You smirk. You smirk at Rangifer. You smirk test.
smooch You give Rangifer a big juicy smooch.
smother "You smother Rangifer with kisses, leaving him happily out of breath."
snap You snap your fingers. You snap your fingers at Rangifer.
snarl You snarl. You snarl at Rangifer. You snarl test.
sneer You sneer. You sneer at Rangifer. You sneer test.
sneeze You sneeze.
snicker You snicker. You snicker at Rangifer. You snicker test.
sniff You sniff. You sniff at Rangifer. You sniff test.
sniffle You sniffle. You sniffle at Rangifer. You sniffle test.
snore You snore loudly.
snort You snort. You snort at Rangifer. You snort test.
snuggle You look around for someone to snuggle with. You snuggle close to Rangifer.
sob You sob. You sob at Rangifer.
spank You make gestures as if you spank someone. You spank Rangifer playfully.
spit You spit. You spit at Rangifer. You spit test.
squash You squash Rangifer like a helpless little bug!
squeak You squeak. You squeak at Rangifer.
squeeze You squeeze Rangifer's hand gently.
squint You squint. You squint at Rangifer. You admire test.
squirm You squirm.
stamp You stamp your foot angrily on the ground. You are away from your keyboard for test.
stand You stand up. You stand rangifer.
stare You stare blankly into space. You stare dreamily at Rangifer.
stash You stash Rangifer away in your lordroom to play with later when nobody else is around!
stonecold "You say ""Cuz Stone Cold Said So!!""."
strangle You strangle Rangifer.
stretch You stretch. You stretch your rangifer. You stretch your test.
strut You strut proudly.
sulk You sulk in the corner.
swear You swear. You swear at Rangifer. You swear test.
sweat You sweat profusely.
swoon You swoon. You swoon at the sight of Rangifer.
tackle You tackle Rangifer to the ground.
tag You look around for someone to play tag with. You tag Rangifer and exclaim 'Tag! You're it!'.
tantrum You throw yourself on the floor in a tantrum. You throw yourself on the floor in front of Rangifer in a tantrum.
tap You tap your fingers. You tap Rangifer on the shoulder.
tapdance You do a tap dance on Rangifer's head!
taunt You taunt Rangifer.
thank You thank Rangifer.
think You think hard. You . o O ( rangifer ). You . o O ( test ).
thold "You hold Rangifer tightly and put him in your shirt pocket, right next to your heart."
thrash "You unleash the inner fury of metal and thrash around the room, breaking everything in your way."
throttle You throttle Rangifer.
thumbd You give it a thumbs down. You give Rangifer a thumbs down. You gives test a thumbs down.
thumbu You give it a thumbs up. You give Rangifer a thumbs up. You give test a thumbs up.
thwap You thwap Rangifer.
tickle You tickle Rangifer.
tilt You tilt your head. You tilt your head at Rangifer. You tilt your head test. You tilt your head at Rangifer test.
tip You tip your hat. You tip your hat at Rangifer.
tiptoe You tiptoe sneakily around the room. You tiptoe in circles around Rangifer. You tiptoe test.
tongue You stick your tongue out. You stick your tongue out at Rangifer.
too You too.
tremble You tremble at the thought. Tremble what?
tsk You tsk. You tsk at Rangifer. You tsk test.
tst You test the tst emote. You tst at Rangifer. You tst test. You tst test at Rangifer.
tug You look around for a sleeve to tug. You tug at Rangifer's sleeve.
tweet You tweet. You tweet at Rangifer. You tweet test. You tweet test at Rangifer.
twiddle You twiddle your thumbs.
twinkle Your eyes twinkle.
twirl You twirl your finger in the air.
twitch You twitch.
understand You understand. You understand Rangifer.
undress "You undress Rangifer with your eyes. Drool drips down your chin but you can't be bothered to wipe it off."
vomit You vomit. You vomit at Rangifer. You vomit test.
vsmile "You smile evilly, letting all see a glimpse of your fangs." "You smile evilly at Rangifer, letting him feel the sensation of fear of your supremacy." "You smile evilly, eminating the words "" test ""." You smile evilly at Rangifer, sending your thoughts into his mind " test ".
wait You wait. You wait for Rangifer.
wallow You wallow in self pity.
wave You wave. You wave at Rangifer. You wave test.
wbare You bare your fangs threateningly. "You bare your fangs threateniningly at Rangifer, causing him to take a step backwards."
wbeat "You inhale deeply and then roar, pounding your chest and declaring the area as your own." "You inhale deeply and then roar, pounding your chest at Rangifer, declaring the area as your own."
wcry "You throw your head back and cry out in victory, as blood drips from your lips!!"
weep You weep.
weg You flash a wicked evil grin. You flash a wicked evil grin at Rangifer.
welcome You assure Rangifer that he is welcome.
wgrin "You grin evilly, showing your fangs to all present." "You grin evilly at Rangifer, showing your fangs."
whaa You go 'Whaa?'. You give Rangifer a blank look and go 'Whaa?'.
whimper You whimper. You whimper at Rangifer.
whine You whine. You whine at Rangifer. You whine test.
whip You crack your whip. You crack your whip at Rangifer.
whiss "You hiss viciously, causing tremors of fear to touch anything near" You hiss viciously at Rangifer causing a tremor of fear to creep across his flesh.
whistle You whistle appreciatively. You whistle appreciatively at Rangifer. You whistle test.
whoop You whoop loudly like a Good Ag. Gig 'em Aggies!
why You wonder why.
whyme "You go down on your knees, reach your arms against the sky and ask in a suffering voice: Why me?!?" "You go down on your knees, reach your arms against the sky and ask Rangifer in a suffering voice: Why me?!?"
wiggle You wiggle your bottom. You wiggle your bottom at Rangifer. You wiggle your bottom test. You wiggle your bottom test at Rangifer.
wince You wince. You wince at Rangifer. You wince test.
wink You wink. You wink suggestively at Rangifer.
wipe You wipe your brow after that near death experience.
wish You wish everyone good luck. You wish Rangifer good luck. You wish test.
wlaugh "You laugh, a grave like voice that shutters everyone near…" "You laugh menacingly at Rangifer, a grave-like sound grating across his skin."
wlick You lick your lips in anticipation You lick your lips at Rangifer in anticipation.
woo "You go ""WOO! WOO!""" "You go ""WOO! WOO!"" at Rangifer."
wooo "You go ""WooooooOooOooOOooOoOoOoOoooOooOooOooOOooh!""." "You go ""WooooooOooOooOOooOoOoOoOoooOooOooOooOOooh!"" at Rangifer." "You go ""WooooooOooOooOOooOoOoOoOoooOooOooOooOOooh!"" test."
worship You worship Rangifer.
wrinkle You wrinkle your nose. You wrinkle your nose at Rangifer.
wsmile "You smile wickedly, exposing your fangs." "You smile wickedly at Rangifer, exposing your fangs."
wsuck You look for a viable victim to taste. "You gently graps Rangifer's chin, tilting his head before biting into his neck. "
wuzz You think Rangifer is a wuzz.
xchoke You seductively choke Rangifer.
xkiss You slowly slide your arms around Rangifer's neck and bring your lips to his.
xwall You shove Rangifer up against the wall and press up against him erotically.
yah You go 'Yah trick yah!!'. You go 'Yah trick yah!!' at Rangifer.
yawn You yawn. You yawn rangifer. You yawn test.
yerdaddy "You shout ""Who's yer DADDY!?!""" "You shout ""Who's yer DADDY!?!"" at Rangifer."
yodel You yodel.
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