The Druids of Silvanus

The Druids of Midnight Sun are practitioners of divination, magic, and rituals who live in such harmony with the world around them that they can master the power of nature. Wind, fire, earth and water can be commanded by a skilled druid to do their bidding and help them in their quest for power. Plant extracts can be mixed into powerful potions that increase strength, power and speed in combat. These potent elixirs can also improve health and mental endurance or restore natural balance in order to please their god, Silvanus.

Druids depend upon wisdom and neutrality to train themselves in the arts of Nature. The more wisdom a druid acquires, the greater their understanding and ability to cast powerful spells. A druid must strive to maintain neutrality. Good or Evil druids will find their spells weakened and Silvanus will only protect those who are neutral.

Druids must choose between three paths to advance their skills. The Way of Leaves concentrates the powers of life and growth, focusing on the restorative and defensive fighting strategies of the Plant Domain. The Way of Spirit focuses inner strength and will power allowing druids to command the powerful elements of nature within the Spirit Domain. The Way of Claws is the combat oriented path of the Animal Domain that calls upon the beastly powers within every druid.

The sacred Seven Circles of the Druid guild lie hidden in the forest of Llorien within the realms of the Lady Galadriel, the founder of the Druid guild. To align yourself with the forces of nature it is necessary to ask a member of the Druid clan to enroll you. Druids are a friendly and helpful people who are ready to guide you on your quest to wield the powers of nature.

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