Damage Types
Damage Types
Acid Scorched With Acid Burned With Acid Burned Badly With Acid Corroded Disfigured Disfigured Horribly Mutilated
Blunt Grazed Hit Hit Hard Hit Very Hard Smashed With a Bone Crushing Sound Massacred Annihilated
Cold Cooled Chilled Chilled Causing Major Shivering Froze Lightly Froze Froze Badly Froze Horribly Causing Frostbite
Earth Bashed Crushed Crushed Breaking Bones Buried Buried Completely Crushed Into Pieces Bashed Massively
Electric Jolted Jolted Badly Shocked Shocked Savagely Shocked Completely Stunned Electrocuted
Energy Swayed Shook Shook Seriously Pounded Pounded Very Hard Blasted Violently Blasted Explosively
Evil Distressed Somewhat Harmed Harmed Harmed Badly Tortured Tortured Deviously Tormented
Fire Licked With Flames Scorched Scorched Badly Burned Burned Horribly Burned to a Crisp Incinerated
Good Punished Punished Hard Purged Smote Agonized Vanquished Exorcised
Mental Somewhat Puzzled Puzzled Baffled Seriously Baffled Bewildered Stupified Mindfroze
Neutral Brushed Injured Injured Seriously Churned Butchered Butchered Badly Pulverized
Pierce Prodded Punctured Punctured Hard Pierced Thrust into Completely Massacred Annihilated
Poison Stung Tainted Contaminated Intoxicated Corrupted Poisoned Injected Turning Blood to Poison
Sharp Grazed Lacerated Cut Sliced Slashed Very Hard Massacred Annihilated
Water Sprinkled Wet Wet Thoroughly Splashed Splashed Hard Soaked Drenched
Wind Ruffled Pushed Buffeted Buffeted Hard Slammed Slammed Very Hard Slammed Massively
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