Court Bards

When you want to advance in the guild you will need to do this at the bards of midnight sun. This is a list of the bards which are located somewhere in the realms.

Name domain location
Shakesword Head Bard Central Castle pub
Philry Showmanship Bard Eldarian
Dancer Showmanship Bard Almoth pub
Lughar Song Bard Druidrealm
Blake Song Bard Certhunia
Smithy Music Bard Drelexor Castle
Kelliev Music Bard Stonecoast Castle

At Shakesword you have the following commands available:

<current> Displays the amount of money you have tithed to the guild
<tithe amount> Increases the tithe with amount
<advance guild> Increases your guild level

At the other bards you have other commands. After you have advanced your guildlevel you can increase your level in one of the domains. You have to do this at the appropriate bard.

<upskill> Increases your level within the domain
<downskill> Decreases your level within the domain

Upskill and downskill will cost you a certain amount of money, see the table below for an indication. (Check if this is based on cha)

upskill to costs
lvl 2 2000
lvl 3 3000
lvl 4 4000
lvl 5 5000
lvl 6 6000
lvl 7 7000
lvl 8 8000
lvl 9 9000
lvl 10 10000
total 54000
downskill from costs
lvl 10 18000
lvl 9 15000
lvl 8 14000
lvl 7 12000
lvl 6 10000
lvl 5 8000
lvl 4 6000
lvl 3 4000
lvl 2 2000
total 89000
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