--- Help on:Guild of Lycanthropes: commands --——
howl <message> broadcasts a message to all lycs.
howl toggles the 'howl' channel on/off.
howle <emote> broadcasts an emote.
howll recalls last lines on 'howl' channel.
stepthrough it allows you to step through, into the umbra,
transporting between Caern and Central Castle.
form returns your current form.
power browses help pages about your current form.
feast makes you feast on a corpse, healing you slightly.
status shows guildxp advancement and other info.
sacview displays your sacrifice credit.
saclist lists your top weapon sacrifices.
sself checks the status of your Shadow Self.
burden shows how much you're encumbered.
[1:lycset] sets several preferences.

lycnews [all] shows the latest guild news, or the whole list.
lwho lists all the lycs currently logged on.
leave lycanthropes leaves the guild.

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