One of the special things about monks is the ability to string together attacks into combos. If you manage to string the right attacks in order the transition between them will be called a smooth shift. A smooth shift means lower mental cost per attack, plus that you might be able to squeeze out a special attack. If the attacks you string together don't shift smoothly, it will only act as a series of regular attacks. Some of the great fun of monks is to try making up great combos, that use little mental and preferably will give you special attacks.

Some examples of much used combos is:

  • fistpunch, fistpunch, fistpunch, etc..
  • fistpunch, backhand, fistpunch, backhand, etc..
  • sidekick, sidekick, frontkick
  • sidekick, sidekick, sidekick, etc..

Not very creative combos, but effective in combat. There is always room for experimenting, and maybe YOU might be able to come up with a really, really amazing combo!

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