The Blademasters Guild

The Blademasters are a relatively new guild. They have mastered the techniques of using a sword. Blademasters have a guild sword and scabbard as a sign of their belonging to the guild. New swords are provided by Tayber the weaponsmith when traversing the ranks as a blademaster, or just blade, as they are called in the folks tongue. These guild blades will dull over time, depending on usage. Until level 9 you will have to let Tayber sharpen your blade at the Spire of the blademasters, after that you can buy a sharpening stone and do it yourself at any location withing the realms.

Within this guild there are two subguilds, the dark blademasters and the true blademasters. The choice of which you will belong to is made when guildlevel 14 is attained. The skills before that level are the same for both the honorable and the dark blades. Both sides think they are more powerful then the other, and frequent discussions about this are made on the guild channel. Both guilds have a special room in the Spire. The most experienced and powerful members of both subguilds are called the Praetors.

Guild level and chosen subguild determines titles given to blademasters. You raise in guild level by using the guild skills, not normal combat.

As a blademaster you can learn different styles of fighting, depending on guild level and subguild. These styles are taught by Gelard in the training room in the Spire. also at Gelard they can bring a corpse to him to teach you how to fight better against that type of mob using their guild sword

Strength and Intelligence are the most important stats of the blademasters. Strength determines how powerful your hits are (normal attacks and special attacks), intelligence determines how long special attacks last and how much mental you have to spend on these. As a blademaster you also need constitution to be able to stay in a fight. The jury is still out on how dexterity affects guild skills…

The blademasters can buy a wyvern at the wyvern room in the Spire, this is a companion dragon which can carry equipment around the realm for them. They have a mood and get hungry and thirsty. If they are not entertained and fed they will leave.

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