Blademaster Titles
GLVL Male Title Female Title
1 Dagger Dropper Dagger Dropper
2 Sword Bungler Sword Bungler
3 Blade Fumbler Blade Fumbler
4 Novice Swordsman Novice Swordswoman
5 Apprentice Swordsman Apprentice Swordswoman
6 Swordsman Swordswoman
7 Skilled Swordsman Skilled Swordswoman
8 Swordmasters' Squire Swordmistress' Attendent
9 Student of the Swordmasters Student of the Swordmasters
10 Apprentice Swordmaster Apprentice Swordmistress
11 Padawan Swordmaster Padawan Swordmistress
12 Swordmaster Initiate Swordmistress Initiate
13 Swordmaster Swordmistress

After level 13, each swordmaster or swordmistress must choose his or her
path for the rest of the guild. They must make their decision whether to a
become True Blademaster, or forsake the honorable side of combat and become
a Dark Blademaster. Each path has its weaknesses and strengths, and the
choice, once made, cannot be undone.

GLVL True Blademasters Dark Blademasters
Male Title Female Title Male Title Female Title
14 Apprentice True Blademaster Apprentice True Blademistress Apprentice Dark Blademaster Apprentice Dark Blademistress
15 True Blademaster True Blademistress Dark Blademaster Dark Blademistress
16 Skilled True Blademaster Skilled True Blademistress Skilled Dark Blademaster Skilled Dark Blademistress
17 High True Blademaster High True Blademistress High Dark Blademaster High Dark Blademistress
18 Expert True Blademaster Expert True Blademistress Expert Dark Blademaster Expert Dark Blademistress
19 True Lord of the Blades True Lady of the Blades Dark Lord of the Blades Dark Lady of the Blades
20 True Master of the Blades True Mistress of the Blades Dark Master of the Blades Dark Mistress of the Blades
Master of Honour Mistress of Honour Master of Deceit Mistress of Deceit
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