Bards Guild

The Bards Guild

The bards are the newcomers in the realms of midnight sun. They are support guild and are weaker solo than in a party. If you are a member of a party you can help your partners with songs which will influence their (and your) abilities. Since the party system is now set to give you experience even if you miss some rounds you are able to gather experience in a party much better. If you wield your harp you don't even get hit if you assist your party members with the fight.

You can choose between 3 different domains which will give you skills based on your level within those domains. To be able to raise your level you need to make a tithe to the guild at Shakesword, the head bard of the realm. After raising your guild level you are able to raise your level within the domains at the court bards. You can raise your guild level higher then your level and will not be capped like in the other guilds. The titles will be based on your level within the game, not on you guild level.

Read the bards stat guide for information on which stats are important for the bards.

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