Badges are usually lightweight pieces of armour that cover the neck, back, chest and waist. They can be found on a number of mobs, and tend to be favoured gear fills because of the high total armour value compared to weight.

Name Value Weight Controlled Abbr. Owner Area Comments
Badge of Command 1 No Juraak Almoth
Badge of Rank 2 No Captain Almoth
Badge of the Robber's Club 3 No Everlund Robber Everlund
Cure's Badge 1 No Conan Monk monastery
Exoskeleton Badge 3 No Ant Queen Ant hills
Kobold's Badge of Bravery 3 No Kobold Chief Drupacia
Skull and Crossbones 2 No La Broc Shadowland
Stonecoast Army Stripes 1 No Stonecoast Soldiers Stonecost castle
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