Guild of Adventurers

The adventurer guild is not a real guild, it actually means you are not a member of any of the guilds. It does not give you access to any spells. Everyone starts as an adventurer and most people will join a guild soon. There are some notable exceptions, some players have chosen to not join a guild, and have been succesfull. The best known of these players are Muffie and Yor.

If you decide to not join a guild you will have the following titles when you advance through the levels:

Level Male Title Female Title
1 Stranger
2 Novice
3 Apprentice
4 Errander
5 Messenger
6 Wanderer
7 Traveller
8 Voyager
9 Adventurer
10 Pioneer
11 Discoverer
12 Challenger
13 Champion
14 Hero Heroine
15 Chieftain
16 Lord Lady
17 Prince Princess
18 King Queen
19 Emperor Empress
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