Midnight Sun II Wiki!

Welcome to the wiki page for Midnight Sun II! This is the place where you will be able to find a plethora of information on our favorite game.

The state of the wiki at this moment is not even close to being finished, since we do not have all the information available to add. That is why this is a wiki and not a normal webpage. The goal is to make this website as complete as possible. We need your help with this!

We invite you to make an account here and start sharing your knowledge of the game.

We do not, under any circumstance, tolerate info that contains quest hints.

See the todolist for information that we know still needs to be added, the news section for what is just added and for the rest, use the navigation bar on the left or top to browse the site. There is now a forum here where everyone can post requests and be able to communicate with other midnight sun users.

Based on activity and quality of the content you add you will be allocated the poweruser or administrator status.

There has lately been a push towards voting for our favorite game at sites dedicated to finding a game you want to play. Here are the links to the voting pages for midnight sun for the first 5 sites:

Vote@Topmudsites every 12 hours.
Vote@Mudconnect every 24 hours.
Vote@Toponlinerpg every 24 hours.
Vote@mmorpg100.com every 24 hours.
Vote@gamesites200.com every day.

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